Recent Builds

build #90

$ make help
n            Mini-USB - for oruter with 4MB flash and USB port - K24 only
e            VPN - (standard plus VPN, extra utilities and NTFS support)
c            BTgui-VPN - (Ext plus BT gui)
d            Nocat-VPN - (BTgui plus VPN plus Nocat)
g            Tor-VPN - (BTgui plus VPN plus TOR Project)
t            BT-VPN - (BT plus VPN)
b            Big-VPN - (Big plus VPN)
o            Mega-VPN - (Mega plus VPN plus NOCAT minus NFS)
z            MIPS Release 15F AIO (for routers +8MB flash)
i            MiniIPv6 - (IPv6 with no USB support minus CIFS and RIPv1/2)
j            MiniVPN - (VPN with no USB support minus CIFS and RIPv1/2)
f            Mini - (no USB support minus CIFS and RIPv1/2)
v            VPN (no usb) - (VPN with no USB support) / in K26 + IPv6 support
m            Max (no usb) - (Max with no USB support) / in K26 + IPv6 support
w            SD-VPN (no usb) - (VPN with SD-MOD and no USB support)
r2e          MIPS Release 2 VPN
r2c          MIPS Release 2 BTgui-VPN
r2d          MIPS Release 2 Nocat-VPN
r2g          MIPS Release 2 Tor-VPN
r2t          MIPS Release 2 BT-VPN
r2b          MIPS Release 2 Big-VPN
r2o          MIPS Release 2 Mega-VPN (for routers +8MB flash)
r2z          MIPS Release 2 AIO (for routers +8MB flash)
r2v          MIPS Release 2 VPN (no usb)
r2m          MIPS Release 2 Max (no usb)
r2i          MIPS Release 2 MiniIPv6 (for 4MB flash)
r2j          MIPS Release 2 MiniVPN (for 4MB flash)
r2f          MIPS Release 2 Mini (for netgear)
       Linksys E-Series with 4MB Flash(E1000v2/v2.1/E1200v1)
e1000v2f     Linksys E1000v2-v2.1/Cisco M10v2 Mini
e1000v2i     Linksys E1000v2-v2.1/Cisco M10v2 MiniIPv6
e1200v1f     Linksys E1200v1 Mini
e1200v1i     Linksys E1200v1 MiniIPv6
       Linksys E-Series with 60k Nvram
n60e         Linksys E-series build VPN
n60c         Linksys E-series build BTGui-VPN
n60d         Linksys E-series build BTGui-VPN plus Nocat
n60g         Linksys E-series build BTGui-VPN plus TOR Project
n60t         Linksys E-series build BT-VPN
n60b         Linksys E-series build Big-VPN
n60o         Linksys E-series build Mega-VPN
n60z         Linksys E-series build AIO
n60i         Linksys E-series build Mini for E2500
n60j         Linksys E-series build MiniIPv6 for E2500
n60v         Linksys E-series build IPv6-VPN for E2000
n60m         Linksys E-series build Max for E2000
       Linksys E-Series with 64k Nvram/8MB Flash(E800/E900/E1200v2/E1500)
n64e         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build VPN
n64c         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build BTGui-VPN
n64d         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build BTGui-VPN plus Nocat
n64g         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build BTGui-VPN plus TOR Project
n64u         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build BT
n64t         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build BT-VPN
n64b         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build Big-VPN
n64o         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build Mega-VPN
n64v         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build IPv6-VPN
n64m         Linksys E-series(64k Nvram) build Max
       Routers with wl_high module
rtn53        Asus RT-N53 with wl_high module (dualband support)
e2500        Linksys E2500 with wl_high module (dualband support)
e3200        Linksys E3200/E2500v3 with wl_high module (dualband support) / max 16MB
n6           Tenda N6 with wl_high module (dualband support)
n60          Tenda N60 with wl_high module (dualband support)
       Netgear WNR3500L v2 builds (128MB Flash)
v2e          Netgear WNR3500Lv2 build VPN
v2z          Netgear WNR3500Lv2 build AIO

r64e         RT-N66u build VPN
r64z         RT-N66u build AIO

r2q3m        Netcore q3 build Max without OPENVPN
r2q3v        Netcore q3 build VPN with JFFS

hg32032k     hg320 build Max
hg32064k     hg320 build Max 64k nvram
       Routers with AC mode support
ac66e        RT-AC66u build VPN
ac66z        RT-AC66u build AIO
w1800re      Tenda W1800R build VPN
w1800rz      Tenda W1800R build AIO

..etc..      other build configs
clean        -C router clean
cleanimage   rm -rf image
cleantools   clean btools, mksquashfs
cleankernel  -C Linux distclean (but preserves .config)
distclean    distclean of Linux & busybox (but preserve .configs)
prepk        -C Linux oldconfig dep